Rug Cleaning

At Missoula Rug Cleaning we understand how much you value your rug, and how much work and talent was put in each hand made rug, making every one a unique piece of art.

So we take all the steps necessary to restore and preserve its beauty and extend its life.

The 8 Steps Of Rug Cleaning:

1. Thorough inspection of the rug

               Surface, Fringes/Edges, Foundation/Backing

We look for any condition that may affect the result of the cleaning or may prevent us from performing the best cleaning possible (discoloration, spots/stains, wear, soil, damage, distortion)

2. Dye stability test

               Each rug is tested for its colorfastness as to determine the proper cleaning process.

3. Dry soil removal

79% of the soil that enters your home can be removed in a dry state (dust is easier to collect than mud). Using specially designed equipment we’ll vibrate all the heavy damaging soil and sediments out of your rug.

4. Spot and stains treatment

We specially treat spots and stains, heavily soiled areas, urine contaminated rugs before washing.

5. Hand washing

Each rug is INDIVIDUALLY washed in cold, soft water using the best suited cleaner combination for your rug and the type of soiling.

6. Rinsing

Cleaners and contaminants are thoroughly flushed out of the rug fibers, keeping your rug clean longer and healthier to be around.

7. Drying

After extracting the water out of the rug and resetting the pile, the rug is laid flat on our custom made drying table, allowing air flow on top and under the rug to reduce drying time. Flat drying also prevents the rug from losing its shape and dimensions.

8. Detailing/Finishing/Final inspection

Once dry, each rug is re-inspected and detailed for any remaining stains or fringe issues, then rolled up and wrapped in paper if necessary.